Starting the new Year off with a Sunset

Its been ages since I’ve gotten the chance to free write. Expect a lot more blog posts coming in the future because I plan to try to write at least a little every day. I’ll also be including more photos in my posts. I hope you enjoy!

Stalker Cat

 What you can’t see in this photo is that Sir Pounce a Lot (previous story) has been stalking the birds since they arrived this spring.  My dad has been making bird feeders similar to this, and we hing this particular one near our cat’s normal perch. Yes, the white stuff in the background is snow….

April showers? What are those?

“April showers being May flowers” Not in Alaska this year. This past well it had snowed multiple times here in Fairbanks. There was even a point where it seemed like everything was melted on the roads then looking out a window “Is that snow? Is out snow, again!?” It snowed yesterday. Don’t expect me to…

Ice, please go away!

The ice is acting crazy here in Alaska right now. Since it’s still, let me repeat, still hanging around not melting, it’s been making funky shapes all over the place. This is a picture my Dad took of the ice on his workshop.