Ad Time April

I am officially an Art Major with a Marketing Minor, but I hope to use my art in marketing. I have started to follow a few ad websites… To be honest, I have them bookmarked and I check them frequently,┬ásince I don’t have the money to afford 3 $100+/year memberships. Also, I think that, until…

Weather Perspective

We laugh and tease. You get a lot of snow, or even an inch and you freak out. That is hilarious. The fear from a mild about of precipitation entertains is. We are accustomed to the snow and cold. The snow and temperatures start to drop when the schools open, and it doesn’t relent until…

Valentine’s Day… Then FASFA Day

The day after most people frivolously spend money on significant others (or tubs of single ice cream), some college students hit “sign & Send” on their FASFA’s.

New Year, New CraftyAggie

I’ve decided that CraftyAggie’s Blog will become CraftyAggie’s Life in College for the next 7 semesters.


Apologies for recent technical difficulties. You’ll see the big fuss soon! -CraftyAggie