3 years! Success!

Thank you for following my blog so far! We’ll see where it goes from here!

Crazy Alaska Weather

Both the following photos were taken between 11 and midnight here in Alaska. The first photo I took May 17th, 2013. The second photo I took last night, May 23rd, 2013. No more snow, barely any puddles. And those clouds… They poured rain earlier. Okay, more like sprinkled rain, but water, unfrozen water, came failing…

Dalek Egg Cup! So cool!

My end of the world story? Nuclear Warfare with Captain Hook as my sidekick. Our story: “Though you are both initially hesitant to rely on anyone but yourselves, you soon break through each other’s defences, and a strong friendship is formed. You are thick as thieves, surviving aptly and travelling admist various groups. You never…

Thinking about doing this. Anyone else going to try for it?

Girlfriend not happy?

How do you make your girlfriend happy? Randomly call her most days, when your out of town anytime you can.


COLD IS A RELATIVE THING. At 65 degrees above zero: People in Florida turn on the heat. People in Alaska plant gardens. At 60 degrees above zero: People in California shiver uncontrollably. People in Alaska sunbathe. At 50 degrees above zero: Italian and English cars won’t start. People in Alaska drive with the windows down….