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Orientation is this coming week, and classes start Thursday. Is it really that soon? College? Please forgive me if some of my future posts have misspellings or grammar issues, but I do appreciate polite corrections. Thank you. Now to attack college!… Tomorrow


This is one of my favorites and I’m so glad Love the Bad Guy beat me to sharing it.

What’s Wrong With Christian Filmmaking?

Originally posted on Thimblerig's Ark:
This morning I read a review of the film God’s Not Dead over at Gospelspam.com, and was struck by the thesis of the review, which is found in the title, “God’s Not Dead but Christian Screenwriting Is.” The review had plenty of good to say about the film, but also plenty…

The Cold Visitor

            The wind blows snow from the leafless tree branches.  The snow lands on a visitor hunting the field.  The cat prowls, pupils scanning all within vision.  The snow hides the fluffy black fur and a bright red collar.  A red leash trailed behind alongside a long black tail.            …


Words are the most familiar thing in the human life. We speak even if we can’t read. If we can we read, we write, we communicate, but those words can be lies. They can be false, they can hurt, they can ruin lives, families, countries. But the double edged sword is the only one that…