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CraftyAggie’s Fresh Start

The summer before college. I’m sure that phrase has been in your mind before, but has it been recent? I answer why? Ur could be because it’s that singer for you and it’s coming to a close. You now have to sign up for classes, go to that college very soon and move on. Maybe…

Cold Focus

To those of you in the Lower 48 dealing with the current cold snap. Don’t forget to see the silver lining the snow is gorgeous, even if you have to suffer with the cold to get some amazing photos. Seeing your town in frost or snow where there normally is none can be gorgeous if…

Starting the new Year off with a Sunset

Its been ages since I’ve gotten the chance to free write. Expect a lot more blog posts coming in the future because I plan to try to write at least a little every day. I’ll also be including more photos in my posts. I hope you enjoy!