Fire Tales: And Other Collective Stories

As most of you may know, I am a current college student and sometimes post assignments that I have written for my classes.I failed to do that this past semester (don’t worry I’ll catch up here soon) but this semester I have something even better for you. My English class this semester is writing a…


New Year, New CraftyAggie

I’ve decided that CraftyAggie’s Blog will become CraftyAggie’s Life in College for the next 7 semesters.

The Typing Lab Stories: Picking the Seat

Starting a new series today, which makes me very happy because I think I can actually follow through with this series. “The¬†Typing Lab Stories” is for¬†all the times I have decided to write something about something or someone in the lab when I should actually be doing homework. Hopefully you enjoy my procrastination! The choice…


Takes from the Life of CraftyAggie: Zombie Spider Edition

I begin cleaning the bathroom by emptying it of everything. The trash bin, the litter box, the TP holder, that toilet scrubbing wand that we never seem have replacements for. I turn around to take the plunger out and I see the thing. Black, “tiny”, and non- threating thing to any non- arachnophobe. Since no…


CraftyAggie’s Fresh Start

The summer before college. I’m sure that phrase has been in your mind before, but has it been recent? I answer why? Ur could be because it’s that singer for you and it’s coming to a close. You now have to sign up for classes, go to that college very soon and move on. Maybe…