Cold Focus

To those of you in the Lower 48 dealing with the current cold snap. Don’t forget to see the silver lining the snow is gorgeous, even if you have to suffer with the cold to get some amazing photos. Seeing your town in frost or snow where there normally is none can be gorgeous if…

Starting the new Year off with a Sunset

Its been ages since I’ve gotten the chance to free write. Expect a lot more blog posts coming in the future because I plan to try to write at least a little every day. I’ll also be including more photos in my posts. I hope you enjoy!

Preparing for Valentine’s Day- Part 1

Plan! Don’t be rushing around last minute.  That’s what this blog series is for.  We’ll start with gift ideas, why you ask? This way while you’re waiting for your order to come in the mail, you can busy yourself with reading more here. What to get? Three absolutely cheesy nice Valentine’s Day gifts: chocolate, flowers, and stuffed…

Nerd and Proud of it!

To be honest I wrote something, didn’t like what I wrote so I deleted it. Later on, I started looking around on the Internet, and changed my mind about what I wrote. I tried to rewrite it and failed. So, I simply going to leave you with an link, a picture, and a question. The link. I…

The Who’s Who of My Bucket List: Author Style

I’m sure that any of you have always had a mental list of people you want to meet. Although there are other people on my list, being a blogger and wanna-be author, I have a list of authors I want to meet. Click on their photos to go to their websites. Photo credits from each author’s personal site. 6. Brian Selznick-…

An Inspirational Snack

An Inspirational Snack. Yes, this is worth taking the time to read.  Just to point out I posted on Facebook and Twitter.  I typically don’t do that.  Follow the link and scroll.  It will make you smile and think.

Happy Saturday!

It’s 10:30 am January 14th, 2012. It’s around -25 today here in North Pole, Alaska. Have a good Saturday!

A Good Day to Laugh

I needed a laugh today, so I thought you might too. And if these weren’t enough for you there’s always with hilarous weekly blog posts and comics to match.