New Year, New CraftyAggie

I’ve decided that CraftyAggie’s Blog will become CraftyAggie’s Life in College for the next 7 semesters.

*clap, clap* May I have your attention, Please.

  If you had the attention of the entire world for two minutes, what would you say? What kind of writing prompt is that? The whole point of blogging (or at least the point for me) is that I’m writing for the whole world to see, to read, to respond. This is the World Wide…

2013 Resolutions

I’m sure if you’ve been following for a while, you would remember my post Blogging Goal Fail. So what should I do (since I know blogging goal A from last year is already a fail this year)? I am going to try to write most mornings. I am also going to try to increase my…


“Heist-Minded”. This post is by Love the Bad Guy, and they are great! I love to find the notifivation of a new post in my email. You should read this post, then bounce around to older posts, follow them (after you follow me, of course)

Computers Taking Over the World…Not Yet

“I don’t really think they stand a chance when they don’t know where they are and they don’t know what the weather is going to be like.” via Computers Taking Over the World…Not Yet.

An Inspirational Snack

An Inspirational Snack. Yes, this is worth taking the time to read.  Just to point out I posted on Facebook and Twitter.  I typically don’t do that.  Follow the link and scroll.  It will make you smile and think.

Blogging Goal Fail!

Blogging Goal for the Year: Write a Post Every Weekday of the Year. Plan B Blogging Goal for the Year: Write a Post Every Week of the Year Plan C Blogging Goal for the Year: Write a Post Every Month of the Year Plan D Blogging Goal for the Year: Write a Post Every Time I…

Thanks! 363!

Thank you, loyal readers, for following/ reading my random posts. I have gotten 363 total views, and since that is such a cool number (-3+6=3 🙂 Or at least that’s how I saw it.) I’ve decided to thank you now rather than when it hits the a-typical 1,000 views. I also wanted to forewarn you…