Book Scoring System

My scoring system for my book reviews.
1- Fiction (1)/ Non- Fiction (10): A scale of how fictitious the book is; the more real stuff in the book, the higher the number in this category.
2- Believable (10)/ Not (1): The more believable a book is written, the higher the number. Even if there is mythological stuff, if it is presented so well that it seems real, the book still receives a high number in this category.
3- Readability (1-10): The ease of reading; the use of understandable words, and enough description without too much will raise the score in this category.
4- Rate of The book in general (1-10): This is where I score the book on how much I like it or not. The higher the better.
5- Re- readability: The higher the number the more likely I’m going to re read the book, again, and again.
6- Total: The average of the above categories.

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