I just wanted to reblog this to my blog so that my followers can see what I’ve been up to over the past semester. Please look around when you trackback to see all the other posts done by myself and my classmates. Also, please leave plenty of constructive and encouraging comments. Thank you all for reading, and more to come soon!

Collective Stories

3a367d1a34e9c7d03db4785b82b6bfcfI think that one choice I made was my tone of voice. I decided to write in a “blogger-ly” fashion. There were plenty of times that what I wrote could’ve been written in a more academic tone, but considering the public audience, I decided to veer away from that. I also did not want to write too personally, since many readers are people I don’t know and have no personal connection with. My goal was to find a happy medium. I think this was best exemplified in my final coffee post. Although I went into some great detail, especially discussing business sizes, I tried to make it easy to read.

I also tried to find new ways of looking at familiar things. This can be seen in both the Northern Lights (for Alaskans) and coffee. Based on the comments and feedback that I have gotten, this was successful. I think my audience really appreciated…

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