My E3 Favorites as of Way too Early for a Monday

To start, if you’re not already familiar, I like referring to E3 as “the Super Bowl of the gaming world”. Sure there are other big games, and they’re all important, but this one is the biggest coolest, they finally tell us release dates kind of amazingness.

It may be a game “for kids” but I love how in the trailer they show even the child at heart will enjoy this game.
My favorite quote, “I think I swallowed a Batarang!?”
Lego Dimensions Announce Video

I am very excited for VR (Virtual Reality) to be as common as handhelds (GameBoy, DS, PSP, VIta take your pick). Currently I haven’t picked anyone that I might be strongly leaning towards, but I think this will be one to watch.

The Manus

More to come throughout the week!