Ad Time April

I am officially an Art Major with a Marketing Minor, but I hope to use my art in marketing. I have started to follow a few ad websites… To be honest, I have them bookmarked and I check them frequently, since I don’t have the money to afford 3 $100+/year memberships.

Also, I think that, until I am able to share to you the ads I have made, I will share to you the ads that I enjoy, thought were innovative, or inspiring. Of course, I am not being paid by any of the companies to share these, although that would be nice.

To start, this ad is a happy one. I like this one because it shows the excitement animals have and how their excitement can affect you. I especially enjoy the fact that the producer did not over do it when the man drank the soda. He did not start seeing the bright color bursts that his dog did, life just got a little bright and he was happy.–dog/41262

This next ad is also for a soda company. Either I am craving soda or they’ve made rather good commercials recently. I agree with the latter. This commercial doesn’t have any relevance to the brand, so it doesn’t make nearly as much sense to me, especially as I don’t see any branding on the soccer ball, the drone, or displayed on the streets after the game. I think they could’ve at least showed their logo on the ground with their lights then transferred to the digital logo they used to end.

This is one of the ads I think I will think back to when I create ads, because I like the creativity that the producer used. I hope to think outside the box like that.

To end today, I share a link. I am horrible at rhyming so I will not try. This is not another video. Netflix is animating a Dr. Seuss book, and their ad was made in a creative way. Rather than trying to go crazy and overdoing it, they made a simple Seussian announcement. Click here to read more.