Weather Perspective

We laugh and tease. You get a lot of snow, or even an inch and you freak out. That is hilarious. The fear from a mild about of precipitation entertains is.
We are accustomed to the snow and cold. The snow and temperatures start to drop when the schools open, and it doesn’t relent until they close again.
Except this winter. You should laugh. It is your turn. We are scared of rain where there should be snow. We justify ourselves “It’s going to freeze on the roads tomorrow and that is not safe.” Which is true, but you have rain normally and you don’t fear it. You may groan but things don’t close down for rain where you are.
Perspective. There may only be a few tips of precipitation but the different types seem to scare us in different ways, in different places.
What weather scares you?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “The fear from a mild about of precipitation entertains is.” Can you find the two errors? 🙂
    and “a few tips of precipitation” – did you mean to say types?

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