Valentine’s Day… Then FASFA Day

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Tiny piggy + Big Bill = FAFSA Application

As a college student, the FASFA (Federal Application for Student Aid) is an important yearly application. If I fail to apply, I lose the chance to receive my scholarships the following school year. Although it is a lose goal date at my college, I try to stick to it.

February 15th

The day after most people frivolously spend money on significant others (or tubs of single ice cream), some college students hit “sign & Send” on their FASFA’s. Although I am excited to receive the money, and maybe graduate college debt free, I don’t look forward to the application. I’m sure if nothing changed, it wouldn’t be a bother, but it seems every year something has changed and I have to refill it out. yay…

Well, because January 31st reminds me to fill out this important document, I felt like reminding anyone of my followers who are college students or know any to do the same.

Questions for the peanut gallery: Have you filled out a FASFA before? Was it annoying for you too? And, of course, (what you hear every time you walk across campus) how is your semester going so far?

PS. Hi, sidenote everyone! I’ve had some stuff going on in my life plus getting used to classes after a month break has been a thrill ride, but I do have posts written… It’s just the matter of getting them typed and hitting that nerve-wracking blue button “Post”. Thank you for your patience.