Takes from the Life of CraftyAggie: Zombie Spider Edition

I begin cleaning the bathroom by emptying it of everything. The trash bin, the litter box, the TP holder, that toilet scrubbing wand that we never seem have replacements for. I turn around to take the plunger out and I see the thing. Black, “tiny”, and non- threating thing to any non- arachnophobe. Since no one is home I can’t call for help and I have nothing I can use to contain the beast. So I grab the flat bottomed TP holder and drop it on the crawly monster.
Success! I killed it by myself. I cautiously lift the holder and see that it is curled up and not moving. I relax happily. Then I see it unfurl itself and being to crawl away!
I screech and drop the holder again! Them twist it about. I confirmed the zombie spider’s death but I don’t know if it’s due to my squeal or the blunt force Tissue Paper holder attack.

PS. I bravely tried to find a photo for this post, but if you Bing scary spider, I think you’ll understand.