CraftyAggie’s Fresh Start

The summer before college.

I’m sure that phrase has been in your mind before, but has it been recent? I answer why? Ur could be because it’s that singer for you and it’s coming to a close. You now have to sign up for classes, go to that college very soon and move on. Maybe you already have a few years under your belt, or you’ve even graduated. It’s possible you’re not even the one preparing to go to college. It could be your child or grandchild. You’re nervous for them, but proud.

On the flip side of the coin, you may not be old enough for college yet, but you have enough older siblings or maybe friends that one of them is getting ready to go. You may even decide never to go.

College sends to be one of those stereotypical times when people go crazy. I have indeed had a crazy summer, but not for normal reasons. (You honestly could admit you’d read a blog for its normalcy, now could you?) I don’t enjoy crazy. I don’t like roller coasters or fireworks. I like my schedule to stay the same. I enjoy the peace of routine, and this summer had not been peaceful. I have hopped from one emotional roller coaster to another and in the past two weeks alone I have dealt with my share of both emotional and literal fireworks.

I’ve spent my summer working. Working my job and helping my mom with her home run business. There are times when I’ll admit I could’ve been more productive, but I’ll get to it later… But its that what I’ve been telling myself about my blog? Enough is enough. It’s time I’ve taken control of what I can, and since Time has pinned me down to the ground recently I may as well do with what I can reach and do better.

I’m heading into college. No more homeschooling. No more quiet self taught textbook lessons, or small group lessons of no more than 7. I can see myself learning a lot. I have plenty of classes, 17 credits worth this coming semester. I have much to learn also about myself and life. I also need something to relax and I depressingly doubt I’m going to be able to make it anywhere near a horse this semester. So for now I chose my second escape, I will write. I’m not going to promise weekly, but I am going to try my hardest. It may be about college and what I experience. It may be about my hopes or irritations. It may be a total work of fiction that I expressed into in my head. It may be a published piece from English. I don’t know what it will be but I know, I saved this app on my phone to make my wording easy, and that’s what I’m going to do.

CraftyAggie is going to write.
What are you doing to do this fall? What would you suggest to a first time college student? What did you do before your first semester of college?