The Cold Visitor

            The wind blows snow from the leafless tree branches.  The snow lands on a visitor hunting the field.  The cat prowls, pupils scanning all within vision.  The snow hides the fluffy black fur and a bright red collar.  A red leash trailed behind alongside a long black tail.

            The wind blew into the cat’s face and his nose wiggled.  Although its body was motionless, the cat’s eyes moved quickly between the moments of the trees to the bird that took off from them.

            The cat began to shiver as the snow melted on its warm fur.  The water seeped through the fur and the cold traveled through the body to the bones.  Birds flew away at the sound of its teeth chattering.  Curling up in a ball, the cat used its fluffy tail to warm its paws and face.

            Finally the cat was claimed.  Its shivering body found warmth in its owner’s jacket.