Words are the most familiar thing in the human life. We speak even if we can’t read. If we can we read, we write, we communicate, but those words can be lies. They can be false, they can hurt, they can ruin lives, families, countries. But the double edged sword is the only one that is completely and throughly true that we can base our lives on. It is the one that should drive us, the one that should stick in our mind and our hearts, but it is the one that is so frequently rejected. We go on the internet and we don’t expect to believe everything we read but the Bible is rejected.
“I have to agree with everything I read in here before I’ll actually believe. ”
Why do we do that? With all the false information in our world why is it that we don’t believe those words? Why is it the Bible is rejected?

Jeremiah 23:29
“Is my word not like fire” declares the Lord “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces? “