Firey Death

They sprung up everywhere.  They seemed to surround the town.  They filled everyone with fear of what they could do, the power they held.

Smoke doesn’t travel alone.  It shares space with fear and pain.

Driving out of town was quite the sight to be had.  The air around the cars was filled, although the road was nearly empty.   Most didn’t dare to drive the direction of the fire.  The smoke scared people from driving away, trapping them in town.

The sky was ominous, foreboding of death and destruction.  In truth, the sky could not be seen through the thick low hanging smoke.  Over town the smoke was dark grey, becoming black at night.  The closer to the fire, it faded into a brown color which became redder and redder and the distance was closed.

At the nearest to the fire, one could watch it as it blazed over the trees.  Watching their death would strike fear into the hearts of any man. The fire which had consumed a large area comes up to a tree. It stretches a finger of fire out the wraps around its entirety. In a moment, the tree, once green and thriving was engulfed as fuel to join the others of its kind to die to become mere toothpicks in an area once a vast forest.

The fear closest to the fire was also at its peak as it filled the air. In a claustrophobic way, it left no room to breathe. Strong winds would come in and push around and bully anything too close to the fire. It yelled to the core of man, although no voice could be heard.

“GET OUT! Get out or DIE! Those left behind shall join the trees in death.”