LiWa as a Mission

A former camper decided to share why he is looking forward to his first year of volunteering at Camp.

Although this is my first year volunteering as staff at LiWa, I’ve been going to the camp every summer since I was about eight years old. There has to be something really amazing there that keeps me going back even into my early adulthood. Even when it starts to cut into other aspects of my life right? What could be so important that a young person would sacrifice their time and energy (for no pay) over the entire summer?

The answer will always be a little different from person to person but the core ideal is the same. A fervor and a desire to follow God and serve Him in the mission field.

Two years ago I actually made a little puddle jump down to chicago to attend a training camp for young teens and college students. The training was in overseas missions, and working with other cultures and religions when sharing the gospel with people. Soon after that I flew on the biggest plane I had ever seen for sixteen and a half hours to finally land in New Delhi, the capital of India. I spent a month overseas traveling in the villages and sharing God’s word in schools, churches, hospitals, and rehab centers. Not only that, but on our downtime my team and I would just walk the streets of india sharing Jesus with whoever would listen.

Camp LiWa isn’t any different! Some people seem to think that the only real mission work has to be in other countries. Our hometowns are just as much a mission field as the third world countries. God called us to reach EVERY corner of the earth  not just asia and africa.

Sure enough, mission work in our hometowns and home country aren’t as glamorous or awe-inspiring as a big trip overseas but then again; furthering God’s kingdom isn’t supposed to be glamorous.

As I think many would agree, I see LiWa and the entire summer not just as a learning experience and a chance to grow close to God; but a very real and close mission field right in our own little Fairbanks, Alaska.

So for me what it comes down to is a calling. I feel God leading me to spread his Word in my everyday life. Not just at youth conferences, and bible studies. Not just overseas, or with big organizations. Just as I am. The kingdom of God is being spread in LiWa this summer so that’s where I want to be.

Besides the mission aspect of the camp, I have always enjoyed the fellowship that goes on there. LiWa has so many different things to do! Every activity we do with the kids, every game we play and adventure we go on is not only awesome and enjoyable; but its good time to grow close to other people who are following God. There is nothing more encouraging then being around other fellow believers.

So the reason I love going to LiWa? It’s a mission field right in my backyard, and i get to fellowship with a bunch of awesome God-loving people too!


As I’ve mentioned before, camp needs more guys to apply.

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