Camp LiWa [Fictional] Story

Written by Dutch CIT summer 2013

A not so long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, the small town of Fairbanks was under attack! In Fairbanks, there was a small special operative base call LiWa. LiWa was and is the top dog of special forces with a top of the line crew to match. In command of these soldiers General Jeff with his three lieutenants Jamaica, Georgia, and the mysterious Gondor. Each had their own section, Jamaica with wilderness tactics, Georgia lead the cavalry, and Gondor held the base.


It all began when a group of what we know as CIT’s, or Covert International Tacticians, infiltrated LiWa. They came as volunteers, humble and ready for training. We should have known it was too good to be true. Excellent soldiers excelling at whatever challenges that faced them, one more year and they might have been promoted, but at the end of the summer, everything changed.


They started going off in groups of twos or threes, where nobody could see them, passing glances in the mess hall, but no one thought anything off it.


June 2nd 10:41 AM they struck.


It was swift, no one even knew what had happened. Within minutes they had set up their main base within the bunker called Woodside. In the next fifteen minutes they had taken the training field, the mountain tactics wall and the sealed off residential areas.


In the next hours a hundred of our best men lost to their guerrilla tactics. But just who was leading them?


At the time it didn’t matter, for we had a plan. Two of our soldiers had gone to  prestigious military school, though they may have not know each other at the time, combined they were nearly unstoppable! One was the fearless cavalry leader Georgia. And the other? He  was the legendary Barbados!


And this is where our story begins:


Sitting high in a tree on south side of the training field Barbados sat waiting, gun in hand, for a rebel CIT to appear. “Where are they?” He wondered, ”They were crawling all over this base a moment ago, but now they have all hunkered down as if they are waiting for something….”


BANG!!!!! An explosion erupted from the barn, piercing his ears and sending shockwave send him straight out of the tree! Luckily his Kevlar vest and most his gear took the fall for him.


“Oh no, Georgia’s over there!” he thought. Grabbing his gun he sprinted across the field towards the barn.


The barn helpers (For the story we will call them WIT’s, or Warrior International Tacticians) had betrayed their cavalry counterparts and started a barn Civil War!


“Quick!”, He thought, “I must find Georgia and make sure she is safe.”


Darting around back hoping to avoid the main fighting, Barbados ran straight into the WIT’s villainous leader, Elsweyr!


“Running to save Georgia I presume?”, She said with a smirk, “It’s too late! My boys have her tied up in the loft already!”


“You won’t win!” Screamed Barbados as he charged pushing Elsweyr aside to go save his friend.


“It’s too late!” She yells, fading into the distance.


Unsure of what lies ahead, gun at his side, he run up the stairs only to see Georgia tieing up three of the WIT’s guys.


Hearing him come it she says, “Are you going to make us girls have to do all the fighting around here?”


Surprised by the fact that she was not only okay, but had taken out three heavily armed men in the process, his jaw dropped in amazement.


“Better close that mouth of yours, or else flies gonna get in.” She said, “Now come on we got fighting to do!” Still in shock he reluctantly followed her lead over the bridge that ran across the second floor of the barn. “I’ve got a guy i want you to meet, he’s our tech specialist.”


Already nauseous from the fumes as they entered the lab. “I wonder what happened in here…” Thought Barbados.


Georgia continued to lead him to the three tech musketeers, BJ, the cyborg, Justin, the guy who ran most the computers on the network, and finally Jared, the mad scientist. Now the thing about Jared, he wasn’t just computers, no he designed tech, from weapons to mini-helicopters to nearly anything you could ever need.


With a evil look in his eye Jared approached them, “If you are here about that explosion, it was only a minor accident, some WIT was trying to break into my lab and set it off, but no worries, it was just the highest tech stink bomb you have ever seen!” he said angrily about losing his prize possession.


“We need weapons and ammo.” Said Georgia, “Give us the best you have.”


“Not even a please?” he said grumbling, “But if you insist, I’ll pull out my newest tech.” He reached for what looked like an ordinary Nerf pistol, “Now this you will love, on the outside it looks like a nerf gun, but on the inside it is a heat seeking, six round, altered ammunition handgun!”


“Altered ammunition?” asked Barbados.


“Oh yes, this puppy will shoot incendiary  explosive, or shotgun rounds. Then there is my favorite; goop! This stuff will soak your enemy in a sticky green substance that attaches them to the nearest hard surface, not allowing them to move. It’s very fun for pranks!”

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