My end of the world story? Nuclear Warfare with Captain Hook as my sidekick. Our story:
“Though you are both initially hesitant to rely on anyone but yourselves, you soon break through each other’s defences, and a strong friendship is formed. You are thick as thieves, surviving aptly and travelling admist various groups. You never stay with other people for long though, as you prefer each other’s company. You enjoy several years of this strange contentment, but are then overwhelmed by an unexpected attack. United till the end, you and your partner fall together.”
Seems Captain Hook’s bad luck rubbed off and we died… of a nuke to the knee.

Love The Bad Guy

Three months ago, the world didn’t end, and that’s a little bit fantastic.

But what if it had? What if the Apocalypse was right here, right now, and you needed to team up with a partner to try and survive the End?

Well, I felt like procrastinating from the work I should be doing, and instead created this:

A device to tell you how the world is ending, who you’ll face it with, and the outcome.

So without further ado, I ask…

Will You Survive the End of the World?


Step One: How Is The World Ending?

No one really knows, my dear friend, just quite how it all will end. So let’s find out! Look at a digital clock, and take note of whether the hour and minute numbers are even or odd at this exact moment.

  • Even:Even = Zombie Apocalypse
    (Maybe it was a cancer cure gone wrong. Maybe…

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  1. Wooo! Captain Hook sounds like a pretty awesome partner! Especially if it’s the Captain from the TV show “Once Upon a Time”. Haven’t heard of it? Google “Colin O’Donoghue”, and you’ll suddenly be a VERY happy lil’ survivor. (Until you get blown up. Ya.)

    Thanks for reblogging and sharing your apocalyptic experience!

    1. craftyaggie says:

      Haha, definitely. (The getting blow up part kind of ruins things…)

      You’re definitely welcome. Thanks for writing a great blog!

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