The Beauty of God

The beauty of God has gone unnoticed, from my perspective by the others is this metal bucket hurtling across the asphalt and ice. It is veiled by longs pieces of wood stuck deep in the ground to grow. It is also covered by distractions. Whether it be by others singing, talking, or what others have written.
“What has been covered by, veiled?” you wonder. The permanent clouds that forget to move so the very thing that veils others from seeing them has grown upon them. Their cousins never stop moving. They fly above their immobile cousins’ heads. Always changing. From them comes another thing that is always changing. One of those very things is flying past the glass next to me, even before the mirrors to my soul get the chance to focus.
Why must everything be so indiscernible? Why must the others around me, as well as myself, be so unable to focus? Why don’t we always see the beauty of God?