Preparing for Valentine’s Day- Part 1

Plan! Don’t be rushing around last minute.  That’s what this blog series is for.  We’ll start with gift ideas, why you ask? This way while you’re waiting for your order to come in the mail, you can busy yourself with reading more here.

What to get? Three absolutely cheesy nice Valentine’s Day gifts: chocolate, flowers, and stuffed animals.


No, my suggestion is not to go to the drug store and get the heart box of chocolate.

Don't throw it at her though, she probably won't appreciate that.

Chocolate Ammo

Shooting a bow and arrow is difficult for some, and if cupid isn’t helping, here’s what you need.


Or you could get it for a brony.Plush Unicorn Bouquet

Does the girl hate flowers? Then flowers would be a bad idea, that’s what these are for. Not only is it a bouquet to replace flowers, but they are also stuffed animals! Two birds, with one stone.


Roses that won't ever die.Comic Book Roses

Is she absolutely nerdy? Does she have a favorite comic or two? The perfect solution… Comic Book Roses. She’ll appreciate the fact that they’re made by hand and when she recognizes the characters, that’ll make for one happy nerd.

Although, to be honest, you can’t go wrong with a real bouquet of her favorite flower (but I’d find out if she’s allergic first, might end badly)

Stuffed Animals

Happy girl. She got Squishables.Squishables

They may not be anatomically correct but neither is Barbie. They’re cute, fluffy, soft, adorable, and of course, squishy! Get the girl a squishable.

Can’t decide:


The gifts need a little something too:

Companion Cube gift boxCompanion cube box

You need something to put the gifts in, and if your wrapping skills aren’t that great, don’t go for a bag! Get a pre-made box, such as the companion cube box.

Geeky Wrapping PaperWrapping paper:

Either you know you’re great at wrapping or you’re overconfident, so you want to wrap your gifts. It also helps to know how to wrap when the gift doesn’t exactly fit in the pre-made boxes you find.

Sticking with the geeky theme, go for some geeky wrapping paper. (Just to point out, all the wrapping shown may not be available)

Found any other great ideas? Don’t keep them a secret, share in the comments.

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