Blogging Excitement

Why am I so excited about blogging?  Because there are two holidays coming up that are typically great inspirations: Groundhog Day and Valentines Day.  Now I don’t have any ideas (yet) for Groundhog Day, but I do for Valentine’s Day.  In fact, I have a blog series for it!


In the mean time, enjoy this spoiler for another blog post coming later this year:

You thought your Facebook History was long, wait til you see the Internet’s.

Ever considered where the internet came from. We teenagers aren’t as “technologically advanced” as we like to think. When was the last time you made contact with someone from another city or state (I live in Alaska, this can count) over the Internet? Was that the first time that ever happened? No, it’s been done before. If you really think about it, the beginnings of the Internet came around in the sixties, about when our parents were born. Figured it out yet? That means that someone’s grandparents made the Internet. Their grandparents laid the groundwork for our Tweeting and photo sharing.