The Loss of Fan-dom

A couple of years ago (actually my 12th birthday now that I remember) I got Taylor Swift’s first CD. I played it on my handheld CD player until I killed the batteries and memorized all the songs (Mary’s Song became my favorite). I was excited that Taylor Swift’s birthday was 12 days after mine. I went complete fangirl, it was stupid and I’m sure I drove my parents nuts.

Now I still  get email updates for Taylor  although I don’t read (or care) anymore. Today when I went through to delete I saw the heading “Taylor Swift’s Birthday- December 13th”.

Have you had any artists that you were a “fan” of but honestly couldn’t care about anymore, whether because of a change in their music, or personal change? Are you still a complete fan of something? (Mine is definitely Doctor Who. Still a fan)


P.S. Happy 12/12/12!