Nerd and Proud of it!

To be honest I wrote something, didn’t like what I wrote so I deleted it. Later on, I started looking around on the Internet, and changed my mind about what I wrote. I tried to rewrite it and failed. So, I simply going to leave you with an link, a picture, and a question.

The link. I know I said I’m a nerd, and that is typically how I am referred to/how I refer to myself, but I honestly don’t care one way or another if nerd or geek is used. I’d rather nerd because geeks in carnivals used to bite the heads off of live animals. Don’t believe me, look at its definition. {Okay that’s two links, you get the second one free! 🙂 }

This is so true. But at the same time, they’re eating nerds, so are they cannibals or predators?

And the question is… (drumroll please)

Are you a nerd or a geek or do you even care what you are called/refered to as?

Feel free to comment below.