Stages of Living

When we were young, we never want to sit.
We are always moving.
In fact, we are constantly moving.
Constantly learning.
Our life is sleep, eat, learn, play, and avoid bath time.
Our only stress is a broken piggy bank or less recess time.

As we get older, pain starts to affect us.
We move half the time, and sit at a desk the other half.
As teens, we move back and forth between wanting to be adults and
missing the playgrounds and crayons.
We are not satisfied with the now.
Some teens try to rush life while others live as it comes.
Life is still sleep, eat, learn, and play but shower time is now wanted.

Once we get older, we don’t want to get up.
Either because of pain or stress, maybe a little of both, only God knows.
As life quickens, the adult slows down.
The body is less willing to do the same things it was once so used to doing.
Life consists of stress, work, taking care of kids, and food, while sleep and play are fleeting.