The Who’s Who of My Bucket List: Author Style

I’m sure that any of you have always had a mental list of people you want to meet. Although there are other people on my list, being a blogger and wanna-be author, I have a list of authors I want to meet. Click on their photos to go to their websites. Photo credits from each author’s personal site.

6. Brian Selznick- Wouldn’t he be neat to meet? Someone that writes and illustrates his own book. I’m sure you saw the movie “Hugo” but I loved reading the book the movie was based on “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”. I call it a must read because not only is the story good but I loved looking at the illustrations.


5. Jerry Spinelli- Who hasn’t read a Jerry Spinelli book? My favorites are “Maniac Magee” and “Stargirl”. He’s still a kid a heart, as proven by his picture, and he’s still writing! So cool! I hope I’m cool when I’m as old as he is now.




4. Rick Riordan- I started reading the books when they first came out, “The Lightning Thief” was given to me by a friend. Since then I have been following Percy Jackson’s stories  dramas, and battles whenever they take me. I’ve had a blast reading the stories because the mix of American locations and Greek/Roman mythology is, for lack of a better word, really cool!



3. J.K. Rowling- 3rd grade. I looked like Hermione in the 1st year. Bangs and everything.  I absolutely loved the Harry Potter series. Total fan girl. So of course I would loved to meet the author of the series I was hooked on for as long as I can remember (I say that as if I’m still not hooked.)



2. Richard Paul Evans- I had heard of him but it wasn’t until January this year when I actually became a fan. That was when I found “Michael Vey” in my Barnes&Noble. I was hooked from the first page.  The Michael Vey series is currently ongoing and it comes from an author that writes many New York Times Bestsellers.



1. Shannon Greenland- Huh? I know I’m sure most of you have probably not heard of her but she is a published author and is an old friend to my mom. I loved her “Model Spy” series  She is the top of my list because it is actually likely that I’ll meet her one day.


I realize that all of the authors I’ve chosen are YA writers, but they are actually worth my time. I’ve been trying to find authors elsewhere, but haven’t found any that I’ve immediately loved or wanted to find the “more by this author” page, excluding some of the classics (but I’m sure I won’t meet Mark Twain or Jane Austin anytime soon).

(NOTE: Excluding #1 , the authors aren’t actually ordered by favoritism.  I have reasons why I like each author’s works but I really can’t decide which one would come 2nd, 3rd, 4th… Please, don’t be offended if your favorite didn’t come 1st. Honestly  how can you decide between these guys.)