Irony Much?

So I was bebopping around Facebook last night, completely bored. This would have been easily satiated had my mom not been hogging the XBOX playing Skyrim and had I been calm (as in not fidgity) enough to actually read a book. So I went to Facebook and started playing the silly Flash games. I think it was while I was playing Hunger Games Adventures, waiting for another scence to load so I looked over at the ads on the side, typically entertaining, when lo what did I see but an amusing ironic ad, so I clicked it (good job Google AdSense!).

FitnessCity on Facebook... *eye roll* Dumb, dumb people that get sucked in. But I don't count I'm playing for blogging research!
Oh, the irony. A so-called “fitness game” on Facebook. You want me to sit on my lazy butt and play a game on my laptop and call it fitness? Yes, my thumb and forefinger feel muscular now!

I’m sure there are a lot of rude remarks, and sarcastic comments I could make, however I’m not gonna!

Look at those stupid grins, seriously. Actually I don’t know where do go with that, I just didn’t like the way they were looking at me. Oh and the dude three icons down with the swimmers cap on, yeah his name is Michael. I wonder who he’s named after.

Fitness City on Facebook… *eye roll* Dumb, dumb people that get sucked in. But I don’t count I’m playing for blogging research!