Weird Food

I eat things weird. Notice the order. It says, “eat things weird,” not, “eat weird things”. I eat pizza, ice cream and waffles, nothing odd there. It is, rather, how I eat them. We’ve already covered that I don’t eat cake. No, I eat pizza backwards, from the crust to the tip, and turn my ice cream into more of a slush before I really dig in. My waffles, my waffles have peanut butter in between them. Hopefully, the waffles are chocolate chip, too. Yum!

So, I know that I’m not the only quirky eater. Does anyone else eat things weird?


  1. midwestmalts says:

    waffles with peanutbutter are the best! I guess i don’t eat things things weird, but i do eat weird things.. or maybe it is a combination of both. I really enjoy dipping my popcorn in milk… and syrup with cheese.. yeah weird i know.

    1. craftyaggie says:

      I’ve never tried popcorn with milk, but I do like shaking some grated parmesan cheese over a bowl of popcorn.

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