I’d like to sa…

I’d like to say that I read a lot this summer. I’d like to say that I wrote a lot the past two months. I’d like to say I rode a lot this summer.

However, I can’t, they would all be lies. I didn’t read much, I wrote even less. I rode a little bit, but mainly I stayed in the classroom teaching, not in the arena demonstrating. 

I’m not complaining. I had an unforgetable summer. I got to know a group of amazing Christians and we had a lot of interesting campers. I leared how to teach, and I learned about my bounds. I learned where I start to get angry, when I feel stressed, when I need a friend and when I want to find a corner to hide in. Hopefully over the next few months I’ll be able to write and post about my stories. 

Right now I’m on a whirlwind through the Lower 48. Or at least that’s what we’ve nicknamed our road trip from Alaska to Daytona Beach, Florida; Lenoir , Tennessee; and Hilton Head, South Carolina all in 30 days. So far we made it through Canada in 2.5 days and we finally made it to Daytona Beach in exactly a week.

To keep up, check out the blog and Facebook page that my cat, yes my cat, keep updated.

http://realkitty.weebly.com/ I’m Food Girl by the way.


Driving a 35ft roadblock (most people call this an RV) safely,