Blogging Goal Fail!

Blogging Goal for the Year: Write a Post Every Weekday of the Year.

Plan B Blogging Goal for the Year: Write a Post Every Week of the Year

Plan C Blogging Goal for the Year: Write a Post Every Month of the Year

Plan D Blogging Goal for the Year: Write a Post Every Time I Think of Blogging

Plan E Blogging Goal of the Year: Gah! Just Write a Post Already!

Wow! I have been a terrible blogger. Last Time I posted was February. Going into March I was planning on breaking my monthly record of views in a month (106 in March 2011). Somehow I still got 17 views even though I didn’t post a thing. I hoped with all the planned inspiration; World Fair (my project being about ’95 vs ’11), Avalanche (my youth group going down to Anchorage for three days during our Spring Break), babysitting jobs galore (kids always say those choice quotes that make you think) that I would write a lot. No thoughts cam to me.

So, because I didn’t post the second half of February, Blogging Plans A and B were scratched out. Then I decided I would post at least monthly. Maybe at least that minor bit of forced writing would get me back to at least Plan B if not Plan A. Nope. I posted *nothing* the entire month of March. I blamed getting behind on schoolwork, my increased about of babysitting jobs and snail slow internet for why I was off the grid.

Then, I decided that if I wouldn’t write on a regular basis, I would write whenever I thought of my blog. Hah! Life slapped me in the face and made sure I remembered on babysitting jobs or when my iPod/ a piece of paper were nowhere to be found. Estimating how many times I *could have* posted I’d say it was about three times a week which equals about 15 posts that have been lost in the black hole of forgetfulness.

What? Oh you ask “Well, summer is coming soon. Why not blog all summer long?” Indeed, that would be a smart decision, you smart reader you. However, I will be volunteering at a summer camp for about 2, 2 and a half months of my summer. Where I will, most likely not have a lot of internet/ computer/ writing time. Maybe I’ll be happily surprised and have internet and be able to inform you of my summer musing and interesting camp happenings.

So, I finally broke down and made Plan E this morning. And followed through! Hooray! 1 step closer to moving up the alphabetical scale of Plans to A.