CraftyAggie Store

The CraftyAggieStore as of February 9th, 2012.
Hooray! Finally, a place, a shop, a store, an establishment where merchandise is sold! An online establishment in fact! If you were to look now, the store would look pretty wimpy (I know, such a great way to sell the site). It only has a single coffee mug, with a warning. I hope that by next week, I will have been able to scan in my drawings and turned them into awesome merchandise! Until then enjoy your coffee, and have a great day!


  1. WifeOfDarren says:

    OK, the link above doesn’t take you to the store. See if this works.

    1. craftyaggie says:

      Thanks, Mom, for the fixed link. Links aren’t agreeing with me right now.

  2. horny hot says:

    Great blog, did you use wordpress or blogengine? I made few blogs myself 🙂 It takes time but it is worth it!

    1. craftyaggie says:

      I use WordPress.

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