Thanks, Sickness, and Words

I woke up feeling sick, and worn out. Then, my cat made it worse by making me feel crazy. Sir Pounce a Lot decided to meow me awake, then hide so that I couldn’t find the source. Through the sick blur I honestly thought I was dreaming, because when did we get a cat. It wasn’t until my mom texted me, “Food girl.” that I realized that it was time for me to wake up. After I tripped over the cat I remembered that ‘Food girl’ implied that it was my job to feed the cat, and I was yet again late.

Later, after finishing my U.S. History lesson, I started to thing about my blog. I had no idea what I was going to write about. Would I write about my sickness, or should I write a review about “Cinder”, the book I just finished? Would I write something thought provoking, or should I even attempt to write through the fog? When I opened I saw a legion of notifications; likes, comments, and even some followings. I smiled and clicked new post. Thanks to you who do read my blog. I may not have an over full amount of site stats, but I am extremely happy anyway.


Since my mom had me write more word cards for my living dictionary, I’ll write them here too.

*accolade: noun- 1. An expression of approval.  2. A special acknowledgment, such as an award.

*acrimony: noun- Bitter, sharp hostility, especially in speech.

*angst: noun- A feeling of anxiety or apprehension.

~laud: verb- to praise; laudable: adj- deserving praise

~legion: noun- a large number or multitude

^nerd: noun- 1. a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person (not part of definition: I’m sure this is exactly what the celebrities are thinking what they call themselves… No, well it must be the next one) intelligent but single- minded person obsessed with nonsocial hobby or pursuit (I get the feeling celebrities might stopping trying to be nerds if they find out the definition, because they are sooo antisocial.)

“Cinder” is a laudable book that deserves a legion of accolades.


* words are from “100 Words to Make you Sound Smart

~ words are from “Think Fast: A Study Guide for Vocabulary, Math Facts, and Grammer Review

^ words are from