The Love Box

There was once a boy with a little brown box beside his bed. Everyone was told to blow a kiss before they opened it. They had no idea why but they did. His mother asked him why. His response was always, you’ll find out one day.
Later in life, the now young man’s mother got cancer. When he went to visit her, he brought the little brown box with him. When she saw it she asked why he brought that old box. He said, it is full of all of the love of everyone we know. With that she opened the box and felt the love from over the years wash over her.

*I can’t help but feel that I’ve heard (or read) this story somewhere, but I don’t know it I have or if I thought of it before I learned how to put my thoughts on paper. Please comment if you’ve heard a similar story or if you know the source of it. I’ve put it in my words as I remember it but I know it’s not completely my own.*


  1. I don’t know the source…never read it or heard it before…but I know it is beautiful!

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