My Stories in Noun Descriptions

I wrote the following blog post a couple of months ago for my online writing class. Since then, I have worked harder on the first book mentioned and might be looking at self publishing companies soon. Who knows, maybe by this time next year I’ll be posting a link to the book? Fingers crossed! 🙂

I’m one of the odd ball people who like to write. One of my stories is currently called Experiment: Super Secret Agent and I chose to describe Abigail, one of the main characters.
She has blonde hair and stormy gray eyes. She is beautiful, within a healthy weight, and is taller than average. She is extremely smart, and she is already finishing her Bachelor’s Degree even though her 17th birthday is a few months away. During the summer, she rides her bike or walks wherever she needs to go. Because of the harsh cold of Alaskan winters, she drives around town. When she is embarrassed, she barely controls her odd ability, becoming invisible. When she, or one of her friends, is threatened, she becomes invisible and attempts to end the situation quickly, either by fighting or running.
I also have an oddball friend that likes to write, so we decide to write a story together. I write the character Kimberly, a girl with ingenious mechanic and computer skills. I will describe the TREXON squared, the most prominent invention in our story, Continuous Castle.
It flies like a bird, using a radar system to avoid objects, and a backup camera to be remotely controlled when flying in tight places or landing. When it has a location to fly to it can automatically chose the best route. Otherwise, Kimberly controls it from her laptop. This black, flying device, can also be put on a person’s back, much like a backpack, with straps for the arms. The flying device’s legs are the landing system and are also used to hold the flyer’s body parallel to the device. The device is 75 pounds, so some upper body strength is needed when flying. The flyer need not worry about navigation because the system can automatically take the person to Kimberly’s house when they say, “home.”
It was right before I began co-writing Continuous Castle that I wrote another castle story. My story is titled Still Nameless (that is actually its title) and it mainly takes place in Castle Blanca, known as Castle Nameless to the main characters.
It was given its name because the outer walls of the surrounding city, as well as the castle walls, were made of a stone that is pure white. It was discovered by Thomas, a runaway prince who is a descendant of the king who once resided there, then abandoned it for the newer Castle Raiden (translated from the Old language as rainbow or colorful) and was used as a safe haven for the King and his family when under attack. Its secret is that time inside the castle walls freezes when royalty is not present. The only exclusion is the ever-expanding collection of tapestries hanging on the walls representing past and current kings. These tapestries slowly fade into view at the time of the king’s coronation. The time freeze preserves the servants left at the castle by the original king, millennia earlier.
With all of these thoughts and ideas running rampant through my head, I wondered what would happen if thought were personified?

Not how I see thoughts and ideas.

I began by trying to figure out what thought is, and as I thought, I realized thought could not be personified efficiently by one humanoid. To fix the problem, I imagined thought as a race (used as “noun: any people united by common history, language, cultural traits, etc.” although “noun: a contest of speed” could work I a different occasion) of people, each type as a different type of person, all trying to get my attention. I pictured them running a marathon down my right arm to see which could be turned to ink first on my college ruled notebook paper. They all gave their input, so here it is my description on thought as a race.
Each type is both female and male, because both have different points of view. The overwhelmed thought would not be very productive, or get very far in a race, because it would stop dead in its tracks. The erratic thought bounces all over the place, cannot sit still and talks a lot, distracting all but the most concentrated of thoughts. The concentrated thought does not get distracted by anything, whether working, conversing, or racing. The blank, or forgetful, thought would be pale, and would constantly walk around with a confused look on its face and… I forgot. When a thought is a free thinking thought, it has a broad chest. When a thought is narrow-minded, it is thin and lanky. The height of the thought depends on the length of the thought, for example the concentrated thought is tall, but the overwhelmed and blank thoughts are short and skinny. All of the thoughts are constantly changing clothing and hairstyle. The blank ones can’t remember why, to represent which topic they are thinking about. The other thing that is constantly changing about them is their eyes, representing the fact that many people can be thinking a certain type of thought at the same time. Finally, their faces show expression rather well, those that don’t forget what their feeling, because it is possible to think emotions through and the reactions to the emotions.