Moose on the Loose

I would have written this yesterday, but mainly because of bad internet, I am posting this now.
It’s only in Alaska that your mom texts you, “Look out your bedroom window.” and when you run to look, a moose looks out from behind a rather large evergreen. This moose spent the majority of our morning distracting us from our work, because of our want to take pictures and stand in awe, and partial fear, of the large beast. When he came to the base of the stairs where my mom was standing (at the top of the staircase, camera ready, and also 5 feet from my window) she saw what she thought were a second set of eyes (weird, I know) until she realized they were little nubs of horns (or are they antlers). Soon after a semi sounding truck, drove past and spooked him into running away. He disappeared behind that same evergreen, but on the far side of the fence. We assumed that he decided to find safer feeding grounds. Nope, moose logic doesn’t work like that apparently.
That night, 9:17 pm AKST, I was moving slowly out of the driveway, equipped with my new license, and no parents in the car for the first time. I slowly pulled into the shared driveway and stopped. In my way was a large moose, with two hind white legs like the young bull earlier, looking at me. He didn’t stay but a second before he turned to my left and simply trotted to an unseen spot from both the driveway, and the larger road. As I arrived at the end of the driveway, a semi truck drove past me toward North Pole. I smiled because had the moose turned and run onto this road, it was likely that he would have been hit by this same semi.
I turned right and went to the closest convenience store for the cat food for Sir Pounce a Lot. As I was nearing my turn to enter my driveway, I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. I turned my high beams on to see if I would be able to see any animals as I pulled into the spot. As I got out of the car cautiously, the feeling of being watched increased to the feeling that I was prey. I quickly plugged the car in (this is needed in Alaska to make sure that the cars start in the morning) and walked quickly to the staircase before running up. At the top of the stairs I turned around. I had no idea who or what was watching me but I said, “Thanks for the safe passage.”