Price of Horror

Recently I watched Edger Allan Poe’s Pit and the Pendulum (1961) starring Vincent Price. It is an older movie so the entire cast of characters consisted of eleven people; five main characters and six sub- characters. It also had no epic special effects, but the effects that they did helped make the story into a good horror story. These effects included changing color overtones to imply someone’s memories and the emotions surrounding the memory, and liquid dripping up in the credits, both are effects that special effect artists of modern times wouldn’t be able to get away with. The movie is based loosely on Poe’s The Premature Burial. The themes in the movie are clear including premature death, infidelity, and torture.

Tortured both by the knowledge that he is the son of a notorious Spanish Inquisition torturer, and the mysteries of his wife’s death, Nicholas Medina (Price) is distraught when his brother-in-law, Francis Barnard (John Kerr), arrives interrogating the residents of the Medina Castle about his sister’s death. The movie slowly peels away the layers of metal and physical torture throughout the entire Medina/ Barnard family, the haunting of the Medina Castle, the premature burial of female loved ones, and the infidelity of those same female loved ones.

Later that day, I watched another movie starring Vincent Price. Edward Sisscorhands (1990) stars Johnny Depp as a young man with scissors rather hands. His creator (Price) died before getting the chance to give Edward hands. The main story in the movie starts when the Avon lady, Peg Boggs (Dianne West), takes Edward home to meet her family and to take care of him. The movie proceeds to rollercoaster for the hour and 45 minutes though many thoughts, emotions, pros, and cons attached to Edwards scissor hands while staying true to the plot.

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