Thanks! 363!

Thank you, loyal readers, for following/ reading my random posts. I have gotten 363 total views, and since that is such a cool number (-3+6=3 šŸ™‚ Or at least that’s how I saw it.) I’ve decided to thank you now rather than when it hits the a-typical 1,000 views. I also wanted to forewarn you of some up coming posts. Surprise! The random writer actually knows what’s she’s going to write about!
First thing’s first, the nerd in me wants to help you increase your nerdiness (which is an unlimited number so no hacking to get your stats up to 1,000 pts. I know, darn.) And not only will it be one post, it will be a series of posts. Exactly what these posts will be about are for me to know, and you to find out.
Secondly, there will be more book reviews. Some will be short tidbits, and others will be long detailed reports.
Thirdly, there will be blog reviews! They won’t be rated like the book reviews are because blogs are ever-changing.
Finally, I will continue writing randomly. These are the posts that neither you or I know are coming, or even when they will be posted.
Yet again, thank you for reading!