Gamers never sleep!

Monday night. 9 o’clock. My mom and I drive up and park in our white Mitsubishi Outlander. We walk up to the door and knock on the glass. A guy my height comes over and opens the door a little bit.
“We’re the facepainters.” my mom was grinning.
“Come on in. Where do you want to set up?”

We set up near the door. I was wearing a pair of army pants and black combat boots. I had a grey tank top under neath a black vest that matched my grey hat, complete with buttons. My mom was wearing army pants as well but her combat boots were desert color. She had a black long sleeved under armor shirt under her short sleeved shirt. She painted three ‘tattoos’ on my arms. The Mom tattoo (the one on the heart) was on my right bicep. I groaned so she painted a skull on my left bicep. Bored she painted a rune on my right forearm.
Then Rachel came over. Her Call of Duty MW3 (Modern Warfare 3) tee shirt underneath her army combat vest matched perfectly with her army helmet complete with goggles. My mom painted camo on her face and she could have won best dressed employee award.
Later Kaylie (or was it Haley) and the short employee (I can’t remember her name) came over. They both got camo but the short one got a bloody scar underneath her eye. Kaylie/ Haley had a bloody heart over her camo. Tom, the guy that let us in, ended up being the manager and he called a staff meeting.
Rachel walked to the door and the doors were open.
“Come on in from the cold. Get your preorder tickets for Battlefield 3!”

The game was on a big screen with a XBOX attached. No one wanted to play on the PA3. A real soldier took the controller first. Everyone laughed when the dog ran from the gunfire. Then we got to watch the first gunfight. It was very realistic. I think it was right when the forth gunfight started that he died. An uproar if laughter exploded amongst the male watchers.

We moved to an area right across from the cashiers. Mom was practicing a dragon head on her arm when a teen game with blond hair walked up.
“Do you want to?” I said pointing at the make up.
“Sure, why not?” was his response.
I didn’t tell him he was the only male willing to get painted.
His favorite game, as of 11:05 (the third to last raffle), was Dark Souls. He and my mom chased down the XBOX game case. They had to walk through the herd of gamers watching the game on the big screen.
The cover looked great but we couldn’t see his face. We opened the pamphlet. We used the background picture in the notes section for his face. He flinched when Mom went to paint on his right eye. He told us that it was sensitive and that he is blind in that eye. It didn’t seem to bother him.
Once we were done, and I got a picture of him with the game case, the blogger from “A Better Video Game Blog” interviewed my mom. He asked her about how she got the gig, if she played the other two Battlefield games, and how long she had been playing. She admitted that she wanted to face paint at the Skyrim (the next installment of the Elder Scrolls series) Midnight Release, being a medieval RPG (Role Playing Game) fan. They asked her if she wanted to paint at all the midnight Realease, she accepted. Then she dated herself by revealing just how long she’s been gaming.

Tuesday. 12:01 am.
The line started moving and gamers were getting their Battlefield 3 and leaving to play.

We left GameStop to sleep.

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  1. Bridgit says:

    You forgot to tell everyone that the first 100 games were in the hands of customers by 12:15! Tom and his crew are great!

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