We are hurtling up the gravel road. Bits of rocks and dust are flying everywhere. I can hear the horses working hard climbing this hill. I am, thankfully, safe from the elements as I write through the bumps.
Am I in a horse carriage or a car?
Am I from the 1800s or the future?
My dad coughs as I type on my iPod. The car’s heater is keeping my fingers warm.
When am I?
The moon barely shows through the cycle of clouds and the leafless tress. The car’s clock tells me that I should be asleep. It is early October, and we have been expecting snow for the past week. The multicolored leaves lay dying at the edge of the road, covered in frost.
Where am I?
Winter will soon come to the Golden Heart City. Fairbanks, Alaska
Why am I up so late?
We are chasing the elusive Northern Lights, and we are trying to get away from the pollution of the city.
Pollution? For lights in the sky?
The city can not only pollute the air with smoke, it can also pollute the sky with all the lights it leaves on.
Details, details are everything.