I’m Plain Weird

Ever since I was little, I have disliked eating cake. I love pie, but the odd thing about me is I love to bake both. In fact, I’ve baked chocolate cake, chocolate pecan pie, more than a dozen dozens of chocolate chip cookies (1/6th of that eaten by my parents before they were even cooled), and many different flavors of muffins (the woman at PWOC were very happy when I was baking two dozen a week). I love to bake, and I love to eat but I rarely (there was that one time that…) eat while I’m baking or cooking. My parents don’t mind, more for them. So the question is Cake or Pie? If cookies (especially my cookies) were in the race they would win hands down. If considering eating value, I would choose pies. However, cakes would take the cake for baking value.

Which do you prefer? Cake or Pie? To eat or to bake is the question?