Today is a Gift Horse

In our youth, we think of our age. Once aged, we think of our youth. While thinking of the future and past we miss our present, a gift. Once the present has become the past, and the future has come to be our present we realize our dreams were not gifted to us, so we look back to the past and say “I should have done this or that.” Doing that we waste yet another gift that we wanted. Doing that, we look a gift horse in the mouth, and look back on our old horse. The gift horse we receive every second of every day of every season of our lives needs to be accepted, trained, and in the future that gift horse will become the horse of our dreams. Then the next gift horse you will get will be easier to deal with, even if he is more ornery or annoying then the last.
Everyday is a gift horse. Take it, work with what you have, and see how it changes tomorrow. See how going through today will help going through tomorrow?