“Thank You, Microwave.”

Today I had pizza for lunch. It was because I heated in the microwave that I noticed something that sparked the fire called my brain. After I opened the microwave door I saw something scrolling on its screen. It read, “YOUR FOOD IS READY”. Typically I ignore this, as I’m sure most other people do, but today I read it and said, “Thank you.”
No, I am not crazy, just a little weird. Take a look from my perspective. People treat technology, the things that define the modern world and modern people, terribly. When people from either the past or the future look onto the human race from the outside they would say, “The technology they had really shaped who they were. They must be really grateful for it.” If only they knew what really happened, how we really treat it.
People now may care for abused people, animals, and the environment but they don’t care about technology. They don’t care about the objects that basically run their lives, until it crashes. They don’t care that their computer turns on everyday and saves their word documents, like the one I’m typing in now, until it gets hit by a virus and is inaccessible. They don’t care about electricity until they can’t watch their Soaps or run the radio. They don’t care about the freezer until they find out what rotting meat smells like. The only time we talk directly to our XBOX 360 is when the ‘Red Ring of Death’ flashes in our faces. Sadly, even then we are not talking, we’re screaming so loud our neighbor finds out quicker than Facebook can run, unless that’s what you’re yelling at.
I am not saying that people should fall in love with their computers. That is on the other extreme on the scale. What I am saying is that we need to be thankful for the fact that we were born when we were born. We should be thankful for the objects that run our lives, the objects that we run to make life easier, and the objects we run on to make life lighter.