Death and Life

When someone tells their loved ones before they die, “Do not cry for me” they speak the truth, especially if they are going to heaven. Death is not the end of one’s story. Death is not the “The End” for someone’s life. Death is the end of a person’s “Chapter One”. The prelude. The beginning. After that, death, eternity begins. Whether in heaven or hell, death is the beginning of that. The beginning of that never-ending story. That never-ending life. The beginning of the rest of our memory.
Death should never be cried over for the one who died. Dying and going someplace that will never end is a relief. The people, who do have a reason to cry, are the ones who were left behind. They cry for themselves not their loved ones. Though they cry happily because that person may be in heaven, they cry because they were left behind, much like a young child who is lost in a mall by himself. They only wish their “The End” will be as good as theirs.
I wish you a good “The End” for your “Chapter One”. Just remember, if you are only born once you shall die twice (look at Revelation 20:14). However if you are born twice, you shall only die once. (John 3:3)