Realtionship Not Religion

If I am supposed to write the Word on my heart and if I wear my heart on my sleeve should I than have a cross or bible verse on my wrist? If I am supposed to have godly thoughts should I tell someone about God and ask them to put the penny for my thoughts in the offering plate? When someone says “you are a little cross” should I think of myself as an angry person or should I think of myself as a little Christ, a Christian? I want when I am acting childish to be when I am being willingly forgiving and being a child of God not when I pout and show no responsibilities. I want to interact more with God and show that more in my interactions with people. I want to act like I have Christ in my heart not like just another human being in just another religion. I want it to be “more like falling in love than something to believe in”. I want it to be a relationship, not a religion.
What about you? Do you feel the same?