It is…

It is a dark circle. It likens itself to a black hole. It takes in light. It seems never- ending. It is surrounded by light.
It is beautiful. It resides on a young piece of art, surrounded by an ever changing frame. It is gazed into in an admiring way. It is giving, letting the emotions of its bearer slip from its walled up grasp.
Sometimes it wishes to be empty, but knows how full it really is. Some days, it wants to stay open, but loses anyway. Other days it longs to close, however it loses yet another battle.
It takes all sorts of things. It takes glances. It grasps emotions. It holds stares. It takes pleasure in words and is in awe of pictures. It takes in others thoughts while giving away its own. Although it feigns Sahara like qualities, it makes the Niagara Falls look tiny, some days.
It is mine. In fact I have two. Ha! Don’t be jealous. You have two, too, (well hopefully). You say no. I say yes. Otherwise, you would not know about it. I use it to see what you think. It is my eyes, my big, circular, never-ending brown eyes. By the way, I love my eyes. I got two, ya know.