My Day in Colors

Today, I dug a hole like I was in ‘Holes’, measuring the hole by my shovel. After I was done, and we had planted the lilac tree, I grabbed a small bit of a cut up tree. My dad had been clearing trees on our property, and I had found the perfect scrap. I sat and pulled out my pocket knife. Slowly, as I pealed off the thick bark, I began to squint. “Wow! That’s bright!” As my vision cleared, I saw the beautiful, white wood that was shining in the light.
After the day was done, and all was settled, I began to do the dishes. When I heard a pitter patter, I looked up, expecting feet, but I saw nothing. It was raining! Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw something. I gasped, and ran through the house to the patio, picking up the camera along the way. On one side of the sky, the sun was setting as beautifully as ever. On the other side, there was a full semi-circle rainbow with a dark gray, and light pink, cloud backdrop. After taking pictures of the ground to ground rainbow, I went inside and began doing the dishwasher again. I looked up, expecting to see the sky I just saved on the SD card. Instead, I watched the rainbow fade, until all I saw was the cloud background, coming to take over the sky.