Writing Pictures

When I was little, I thought that all books had pictures. Those black and white pictures helping the readers see what the writer pictured. Slowly, I began to read novels. Soon, my reading speed quickened and as my reading list grew, so did my love for books. I had noticed there were no pictures, but it didn’t bother me. Why have a space filler like that when words could go there? Within the past few years, I have graduated from the love of reading to the love of words, and slowly to the love of stringing words together. At first, I would be reading a book and come across a word I liked so I would move my mouse (if I were on my Kindle) and read the definition of the word. If I truly liked the word, it’s definition and so on, I would highlight it. I had plans to go back through all of my highlighted words and make my own dictionary, just for me, of all of those eloquent (that was one of them) words. I haven’t yet, but I have done something better.
As I began learning about writing, I began to write. I would come up with an idea, and start writing. I won’t say I came up with the entire piece at the beginning because then I would be lying to you. I think as I type, but it always feels right. Slowly, I learned how to edit my writing, and my mom finally convinced me to start my own blog (as you have obviously discovered since you’re reading this). Because of this blog I began to let my mind race, keeping a notepad with me all the time. As I began to write more pieces, I began to write more stories. Some have been short, others are still growing. None are published, (as of 7/16/11) but I want to one day. My books have been not only a way for me to be imaginative, but a way to think about the world. I try not to force my stories; I make myself take a backseat on it, like I’m that fly on the wall writing about their lives, concentrating on one person and learning about the others as the main character does. This could be described as me watching video after video about their lives, and then I write down the little snippets, the pictures, of their lives. I write the word pictures.
Pictures are truly in every book, from pictures books to novels, and from actual pictures to the word pictures. I can say that I as I have learned about writing, because of grammar and English lessons, I have learned about pictures. I can’t say that I’ll ever be an artist like Van Gogh, but I can aspire to be like Jane Austen or Jack London. All I can do is hope that my stories help me make my mark on the world, and the only way I can do that is to start working on my word pictures, and write, write, write.