The Bird Says, “Good Morning!”

I walk outside, from the noise of indoor life to the sound of outdoor morning. I heard the sound of bird song, singing to the sun, “Thank you! For coming back! Thank you!” I stood for a second, admiring their song, but soon Jack Frost used his icy fingers to push me into the frigid vehicle and start it. Vroom! I feel the fingers leave me. I stood next to the car, again, waiting for the beautiful birdsong. I heard one, “Spring! It is here! Spring!” As I walked back toward the doorway hiding the noise of indoor life behind it, I turned and faced the sun.
Yes, finally, spring is here.
Yes, finally, the sun is here.
Yes, finally, the snow and ice is melting.
Yes, finally, it is mid April.
Yes, here, in Alaska.

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  1. Asha says:

    Hooray for Spring!

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